Used VARIAN HS-16 #178083 for sale

ID: 178083
Diffusion Pumps with Key High Vacuum Products foreline valve Model# 0164B/HS-16 480V, 3Ph.
VARIAN HS-16 is a high-pressure, reciprocating, positive-displacement pump designed for service in liquid and gas applications. It features a combination of features such as high-pressure capability, high-flow capacity, low-volume movement and long service life. The pump is suitable for use in a variety of applications including fuel delivery, chemical processing, petroleum processing, cryogenic transfer, offshore pumping, and polymer production. VARIAN HS16 utilizes a multi-stage, lubed-for-life cylinder design with a low-pressure intake and a high-pressure discharge. The manganese bronze construction and the incorporation of high-efficiency alloy pistons and liners provide long lasting service in highly corrosive environments. The pump is also capable of handling extremely high pressures up to 25,000 psi. The rugged design of the pump, combined with thick wall cylinders and specialty-engineered components, provide superior performance and durability. The positive-displacement design and the combination of high-pressure and high-flow capabilities, enables the pump to operate with a wide range of efficiency levels. HS-16 is designed with a dedicated packing system, providing a reliable and consistent seal between all components. The heavy-duty, dynamically balanced crankshafts and counter-balancing valves are designed to reduce vibration during operation. The smooth-running design and low-maintenance components provide extended service life and minimize downtime. The heavy-duty mechanical seals and balanced valves allow for an easy valve adjustment, providing the user with the flexibility to change the pressure and the flow of the process. Furthermore, the pump is supplied with a variety of performance enhancing optional accessories. In conclusion, HS16 is a reliable and versatile, high-pressure, reciprocating, positive-displacement pump. It features high-pressure capability, high-flow capacity, low-volume movement and long service life, making it suitable for a variety of applications in corrosive environments. The pump's positive-displacement design and combination of features ensures reliable, repeatable performance and easy adjustment to accommodate changes in process conditions. Additionally, its dedication to mechanical seals, balanced valves and smooth-running design provide extended service life and minimize downtime.
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