Used VARIAN HS-16 #9093804 for sale

ID: 9093804
Diffusion pumps ASA Inlet flanges, 23.5" ASA Foreline flange, 7.5" Part number: V79292326-R V79292326 Pump Standard cold cap Pumping speed: 10,000 l/s Power supply: 380/415 V, 3 Phase CE Marked.
VARIAN HS-16 is an isothermal, robust, and reliable sanitary-design transfer pump. This pump features a two-stage gear design, with separate speeds for each stage. This dual-stage design allows for a wide variety of flow rates, making it ideal for a variety of applications. The gear case has been fully machined from solid block aluminum for enhanced durability and long-term reliability. Furthermore, the transfer pump features an EPA-compliant hydraulic system with a 600-pound peak power rating for reliable performance in demanding applications. The pump's sanitary design ensures that every part of the pump is easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. It is equipped with a high-strength stainless steel motor housing and has a stainless steel shaft for a long service life. Furthermore, the seal can be easily replaced if necessary for optimal performance. For additional safety and convenience, VARIAN HS16's configuration allows the pump to be run dry without damaging the transfer pump. For more precise control, HS-16 features a flow metering device that allows it to offer superior metering accuracy to within 2%. This makes the pump ideal for applications that require exact amounts of liquid to be transferred. The flow meter allows the user to accurately control the flow rate to ensure that liquids are quickly and precisely transferred, making it ideal for laboratory or industrial applications. In terms of operation, this sanitary transfer pump offers a superior lubrication system with an independent oil delivery mechanism for optimised performance. The pump is also equipped with a two-piece housing, which makes it easy to assembly and disassembly when performing maintenance. The on-board diagnostic display provides real-time monitoring of the pump to keep it running safely and efficiently. Furthermore, HS16 is able to quickly and easily start up and shut down without any special training. Overall, VARIAN HS-16 sanitary transfer pump is a reliable choice for industrial and laboratory applications. Its robust two-stage gear design, reliable hydraulic system, and precision flow metering make it ideal for applications that require precise amounts of liquids to be transferred. In addition, its sanitary design makes it easy to maintain and service, while its robust construction and quality components provide many years of reliable service.
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