Used VARIAN HS-2 #135755 for sale

ID: 135755
Diffusion pump, 115VAC.
VARIAN HS-2 Pump is a single stage, dry-running, mechanical rotary vane motor. It features a dependable, long-lasting design that is durable and low maintenance. It is designed for applications requiring a wide flow range. The inlet and outlet ports have a 1/4" NPT (National Pipe Thread) fitting for easy installation. VARIAN HS 2 Pump utilizes a 60-degree vane design for a high performance, balance optimized drive. This design provides excellent low-flow performance and extended life. HS-2 pump also features a patented elliptical rear bearing for superior stabilization and false load compensation. This greatly increases the bearing life and reduces noise. The pump also includes a one-piece stainless steel rotor and shaft for superior wear resistance. The self-lubricating vanes are windage matched and dynamically balanced for smooth operation. HS 2 Pump has a maximum capacity of 27 gpm (gallons per minute) and a maximum discharge pressure of 20 psi. It has a solid construction with a durable seal that is designed for continuous use. The pump operates at a maximum speed of 3000 rpm, and it is rated for a maximum temperature of 180°F. The motor is UL-Listed and CSA-certified for safe operation, and it is designed to meet industry standards and environmental regulations. VARIAN HS-2 pump is an effective, cost-efficient solution for a variety of applications, including water and chemical delivery systems, pumping of lubricating and non-lubricating fluids, fuel transfer and off-site refueling, and pressurization systems. It is covered by a one-year warranty and is an excellent choice for reliable, long-term performance.
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