Used VARIAN HS-20 #9094126 for sale

ID: 9094126
Diffusion pump Flange: ASA/ANSI style 20" Extended cold cap.
VARIAN HS-20 is a precision heavy-duty diaphragm pump engineered for industrial use. With a patented design, it provides reliable performance, low vibration, and minimal noise. VARIAN HS 20 is highly efficient, providing fluid flows up to 3.8 m3/min and pressures up to 2500 psi. Its modular configurations help simplify hose installations, while its renowned performance helps to reduce maintenance costs and downtime. HS-20 features a forged steel construction, perfect for heavy-duty operation. Its robust materials, along with its support bearing, provide superior stability and long-term durability. Further, its double acting seals provide a high level of performance even with low inlet pressures. Its chemical-resistant resin embodies VARIAN seal, working to protect against corrosion and environmental wear. HS 20 utilizes an isolated, stainless steel diaphragm for superior sealability and ease of operation. The diaphragm is engineered for low- pulsation operation and offers outstanding sealing against hazardous substances. It allows the user to easily adjust the fluid flow rate in response to changing needs. Further, VARIAN HS-20 is designed with energy-saving features that reduce energy consumption by 50% compared to similar machines. VARIAN HS 20 also offers an automatic pressure relief valve for added safety. This allows for safe operation even at high pressure, and its flexible connection options also reduce downtime. The pump is also compatible with a wide range of equipment, making it an ideal choice for many industrial applications. Its low profile design further ensures good compatibility with machinery which require limited space. In addition, it is easy to install and maintain due to its self-draining features. In conclusion, HS-20 is a reliable, heavy-duty pump for industrial applications. Its robust construction, superior sealing, and energy-saving features make it a great choice for anyone looking for a long-term, durable solution. Its flexibility further makes it ideal for a wide range of industrial needs, and its low profile design ensures good compatibility with machines requiring limited space. HS 20 is the perfect choice for any industrial operation.
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