Used VARIAN HS602 #9081825 for sale

ID: 9081825
Vane pump.
VARIAN HS602 high speed high performance pump is a reliable and robust centrifugal cryogenic pump designed to provide the highest performance and reliability for demanding applications. Its unique design features a single-stage, direct-drive impeller with a counter-rotating, stationary balancing impeller to optimize rotor balance and minimize vibration. The impeller is designed to ensure smooth flow of liquids and high performance, providing a maximum flow rate of up to 15,800 gpm. The external bearing carrier is designed for long-term reliability, with a recessed purge port to minimize pressure pulses experienced while in operation. Using stainless steel for both the construction of the pump and its impellers, this model is designed to be easy to maintain and resistant to corrosion. Customization is available, with options such as abrasion resistant internal coatings and carbon-filled liners. The double mechanical seals provide reliable leaks-free operation, with a unique shaft containment system providing added protection from drilling contamination. VARIAN HS 602 is also designed with an external impeller balancing system which eliminates the need for dynamically balancing the impellers, making assembly and service easier. Its modularity allows interchangeability between vital parts to minimize downtime, and its environmental friendly features such as oil-level provisions ensure safe operation. This pump also offers several additional features to improve performance and convenience. The emergency stop switch allows for quick stoppage in case of an emergency, while the SmartStart™ control system can automatically detect and optimize the rotary speed according to various conditions. The infrared leak detectors provide protection from hazardous airborne refrigerant gas and the built-in filling valve enables rapid filling of the pump. Overall, HS602 is an intrinsically safe, highly reliable and robust cryogenic pump ideal for a variety of industrial applications. Its flexibility and various customization options make it an excellent choice for those searching for a high performance and reliable solution.
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