Used VARIAN SD 300 #122552 for sale

SD 300
ID: 122552
Rotary vane pump, 120/208V, 11 cfm.
VARIAN SD 300 is a high-performance, precise and reliable pump designed for vacuum processes. It is a dry vacuum pump made from durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and features an oil-free design for use in sensitive applications. This pump is suitable for applications from industrial manufacturing to scientific research and is used in a variety of applications such as mass spectroscopy and thin film deposition. SD 300 is equipped with a direct drive motor that is capable of high torque, providing reliable performance and efficient operation. The motor also features a unique balancing equipment for smooth running at any speed. It also features a superior insulation system that ensures low operating noise and high efficiency. The unit is safe to use and features an auto-shutoff feature in case of over-heating or unit failure. VARIAN SD 300 comes with integrated controls and external sensors to monitor the speed and vacuum level. The built-in electronic monitoring machine allows the user to monitor the pump's performance in real time. It also comes with an integrated alarm tool to alert the user of any abnormal conditions or issues. SD 300 also has an enhanced filtration asset that allows it to handle particles as small as 0.005 μm. This ensures that the pump can operate in clean, and dust-free systems. It also has a high tolerance for process temperature changes and can work in a range between -20 and +90°C. VARIAN SD 300 is reviewed for its superior performance and efficiency. It is lightweight, yet sturdy and features a user-friendly design. It is also built to comply with relevant industrial standards and is ideal for use in a variety of industrial, scientific, and research applications.
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