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SD 300
ID: 9076117
Rotary Vane Pump Flow 0-50 ml/min.
VARIAN SD 300 is a rotary vane pump specifically designed to provide reliable vacuum performance in industrial, laboratory, and analytical instrumentation applications. This pump is manufactured by VARIAN Technologies, Inc., one of the leading suppliers of high-quality vacuum and abatement equipment. SD 300 works by drawing air and gases into the chamber through an inlet port and into the pumping chamber where a rotating vane assembly compresses the fluid. This compressing motion forces the fluid out through the exhaust port. The design allows for rapid evacuation of gases, achieving a rough vacuum of 10 torr within a short time. VARIAN SD 300 has an oil separator and filter to ensure that the pumped gases remain free from contamination. The interlocked enclosure ensures continuous protection against dust, moisture, and other hazardous environmental influences. A robust motor, encased in a durable anodized aluminum housing, provides powerful operation. The pump may be configured for direct control or remote operation. It offers a variety of options like automatic head defrost, external coolant inlet, integrated heat exchanges, etc. Depending on the application, a stainless steel or cast aluminium housing is available. SD 300 has a wide range of applications which include critical vacuum-dependent processes such as sample introduction, backfilling, freeze-drying, coating, and dental applications. Its efficient design, excellent evacuation rate, long run times, low noise, and low maintenance requirements make it an ideal choice for these applications. The VARIANT VARIAN SD 300 also utilizes a unique pressure regulation feature that enables it to be run at various pressures. This feature is beneficial in many applications where a wide range of controlled pressure is needed. To ensure a safe and reliable operation of SD 300, regular maintenance and inspections are recommended. Detailed cleaning and oil change should be carried out every six months or as determined by the user's frequency of use.
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