Used VARIAN SH110 #9096692 for sale

ID: 9096692
Scroll Pump Pumping speed: 5.4CMH Ultimate Vacuum: 6x10-2 m/bar Inlet flange: KF25 Outlet flange: KF16 Cooling: Air Voltage: 240 Motor Power: .19kw.
VARIAN SH110 is a high-performance pump designed for use in a variety of applications. This pump offers exceptional reliability, high flow rates and consistent output for a variety of applications. VARIAN SH-110 pump features a lightweight, compact design which makes it easy to install and transport. The pump is made of durable materials that accommodate high temperatures and provide long-term use. SH110 uses advanced hydrostatics to achieve accurate output and superior performance. The pump is designed with four adjustable valves that allow for precise flow control and easy adjustment of the output. SH-110 offers superior speed and power, allowing for faster pumping times. It is driven by a high-efficiency motor and a specially designed impeller that deliver smooth and consistent flow. This pump features a pressure-balanced design for reliable operation and efficient energy transfer. Additionally, it uses an external-heating system to reduce heat-loss in the flow line, preventing overheating and ensuring reliable flow. VARIAN SH110 is a highly reliable and efficient pump that is designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications. This quality pump offers superior performance and reliable operation for dependable results. An optional variable speed controller is available for further customized operation. This pump is suitable for pumping a range of liquids, from food grade to corrosive liquids. VARIAN SH-110 pump is an excellent choice for reliable and efficient pumping solutions.
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