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StarCell Vaclon
ID: 135764
Ion pump.
VARIAN StarCell Vaclon is a form of positive displacement pump that provides a reliable and consistent method of delivering flow. It is a cost-effective solution for applications requiring high levels of accuracy and process control. The pump is capable of performing at a maximum pressure of up to 4,500 psi and features a displacement range from 4 to 200 ml/min. A unique feature of StarCell Vaclon is its variable speed drive which allows the user to adjust the speed of the pump for better efficiency or for more extreme environments. The robust construction and precision-engineered components ensure a long service life and ensure the desired performance. VARIAN StarCell Vaclon is designed to provide a smooth and consistent flow rate of liquid or gas and is capable of delivering a consistently low deviation of ± 0.2%. The pump's VFD drive allows for maximum control over both the speed and the pressure which makes it ideal for applications that require consistent and accurate flow. StarCell Vaclon incorporates a radial piston design complete with contoured internal components and user-friendly flow-control dials that enable fast and accurate flow calibration. The pump has a low noise rating, making it suitable for applications in laboratories or workshops. The pump's aluminum housing is lightweight yet strong and prevents corrosion. In addition to its robust construction, VARIAN StarCell Vaclon features a wide range of accessories, including gauge ports, foot valves, check valves, and vacuum inlets. The pump is easy to install and require minimal maintenance. All the major components of the pump come with a 1 year warranty, providing extra peace of mind for the user. Overall, StarCell Vaclon is a cost-effective, reliable pump suitable for applications requiring high levels of accuracy and process control. It is easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, and can be configured to fit a variety of applications. Its robust construction, low noise rating, and wide range of accessories and flow controls ensure it performs reliably and consistently in any environment.
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