Used VARIAN TriScroll 300 #154297 for sale

VARIAN TriScroll 300
TriScroll 300
ID: 154297
Dry scroll pump, .75 HP Air-cooled Pumping speed: 8.8 cfm Power: 115 / 208 to 230 Volt Single phase (3 phase is available at additional cost).
VARIAN TriScroll 300 Pump is a reliable and efficient pump commonly used in liquid chromatography applications. It is an affordable, modular, low pulsation pumping system capable of delivering pressures up to 68MPa (10000psi). Designed to handle a wide variety of applications, TriScroll 300 is manufactured by VARIAN and offers an adjustable flow rate in a range of 0.5 to 17.9mL/min. VARIAN TriScroll 300 is equipped with a number of features designed to provide consistent and accurate results. The pump is comprised of 3 separate independent pumps, each one driven by a different scroll or spiral assembly. The three slides for the spirals are driven by one motor, which allows for quick and easy flow control. This motor also allows for independent control of each pump, making it easy to adjust the flow rate for various applications. Additionally, the pump's digital electronics architecture increases speed and accuracy by communicating with an external device. TriScroll 300 has an accuracy of ±0.2% of full scale (maximum) and resolution of 0.001mL/min. It is constructed with a robust mechanical design and possesses a number of other features to ensure reliable operation and accurate results. The pump requires a 230V, 50Hz power supply and features a reliable, high-precision, low-pulsing flow control. In addition, the low-drift design ensures that the pump's specified performance parameters remain unchanged over a long period of time. The robust construction and design of VARIAN TriScroll 300 also ensures that it is capable of withstanding harsh operating conditions. Furthermore, TriScroll 300 offers an easy-to-operate control panel with LED indicators for each pump. This, along with its stainless steel construction, makes maintenance and installation easy, and offers a high degree of stability. VARIAN TriScroll 300 is also designed to use consumables, such as fitting and seals, for a longer service life. In conclusion, TriScroll 300 pump is an ideal solution for chromatography applications due to its adjustable flow rate and reliable results. It is easy to operate and maintain thanks to its high-precision design, low-pulsation flow control, and robust construction. It is a reliable, efficient, and affordable pumping system that can handle many different applications.
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