Used VARIAN TriScroll 300 #155050 for sale

VARIAN TriScroll 300
TriScroll 300
ID: 155050
VARIAN TriScroll 300 is a reliable and efficient vacuum pump that is ideal for a variety of applications. This is a three-stage, direct-drive rotary vane mechanical pump that provides maximum performance and reliability. This pump is powerful enough to deliver an ultimate vacuum of 5x10-3 mbar. The TriScroll pump features a range of innovative design features, including a robust and lightweight aluminum housing, an optimized inlet valve design for improved performance, and a single external mechanical seal for improved seal life. Its design also allows simple maintenance and serviceability. TriScroll 300 has a high-efficiency impeller that has been designed to provide a low-noise operation. This impeller minimizes gas by-pass, resulting in increased pumping performance and improved efficiency. The pump also features a spiral-wound, insulated, and flame-retardant stator to prevent interference and ensure the safe operation in hazardous environmental conditions. VARIAN TriScroll 300 has an operating range of between +- 15 degrees, while its maximum inlet pressure is 900 mbar. The maximum speed is up to 6,500 RPM, while its internal exhaust muffler provides an efficient and quiet operation and further reduces noise levels. TriScroll 300 is equipped with a range of accessories, such as an adjustable pressure regulator that can be used to fine-tune the vacuum pressure at the inlet of the pump. It also includes relief valves, vacuum and intake filters, intake hoses and other components that can be used to customize the system for specific applications. VARIAN TriScroll 300 is a versatile, reliable and efficient vacuum pump. Its robust design and high efficiency make it an ideal solution for a range of industries, including semiconductor, medical, industrial and electron microscopy. TriScroll 300 is easy to maintain and service, ensuring a long working life and improved performance.
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