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VARIAN TriScroll 300
TriScroll 300
ID: 9055030
VARIAN TriScroll 300 is a high-performance, reliable regenerative turbine pump designed to meet the dynamic pumping needs of industrial and research facilities worldwide. This pump has a number of features that set it apart from other regenerative turbine pumps on the market, such as its three scroll sets, its variable-speed operation, and its low noise emissions. TriScroll 300 has three scroll sets, which makes it efficient in handling liquid of various viscosities. It has a 13.5-inch scroll diameter and a relatively large suction port. This combination creates consistent performance at large flow rates and results in minimal variations in head pressure and torque as the liquid passes through the pump. It also provides higher performance when pumping lower viscosity liquids, which is beneficial when pumping fluids with low solids content. This pump is designed with variable-speed operation, allowing the user to adjust the speed to the specific flow rate demand. This feature enables the pump to maintain optimal performance while operating at low and high pressures simultaneously. Its ability to self-adjust also eliminates the need for manual control or switching between multiple pump motors. Furthermore, VARIAN TriScroll 300 features low noise emissions, making it ideal for more sensitive applications and environments. TriScroll 300 is constructed with a highly durable material that is resistant to corrosion, which ensures that it continues to operate reliably even when used in working environments with harsh and abrasive chemicals. It also comes with an integrated overload protection system that provides additional protection for the pump and the motor in the event that it is subjected to an excessive workload. VARIAN TriScroll 300 is an ideal choice for many applications due to its robust design, high performance, and low operating noise. It offers superior pumping capability for a wide range of liquids of varying viscosities, and its variable-speed operation and integrated overload protection system make it a reliable and safe choice for many applications.
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