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VARIAN TriScroll 600
TriScroll 600
ID: 9055031
VARIAN TriScroll 600 is a high-performance, rotary-screw vacuum pump designed to provide superior performance and reliable operation in demanding industrial applications. With its high-efficiency scroll technology, TriScroll 600 delivers exceptional vacuum performance, up to 900 mbar(a). VARIAN TriScroll 600 is designed and assembled for maximum durability and is ideal for applications requiring constant or frequent pressurizations and vacuum cycling, such as in material handling and drying systems. The unit features an oil-free, low-maintenance, belt-drive design with a standard belt guard for superior protection. It is designed with low noise levels, thanks to efficient acoustics and a robust construction. Thanks to its high-efficiency scroll technology, the TriScroll features an adjustable flow rate range of up to 6.2 m3/hour. The pump features an integrated pressure controller that allows for precise control of intake pressure, exhaust pressure, and intake flow rate. The display allows operators to easily view and control the operating parameters of the pump. The controller features open-loop and closed-loop pressure control systems, as well as manual or timed bypass for stable operating pressure. TriScroll 600 also features a multilingual engineering-grade control panel to ensure easy operation. The self-diagnostic system constantly monitors the system and displays any alarms, detected faults, and maintenance information. The unit is 100% oil-free and requires no lubrication for our application. The engineered design of VARIAN TriScroll 600 eliminates vibration, significantly reduces noise, and ensures optimal performance and reliable operation. The pump has a quick release handle for easy maintenance and provides superior energy density, reducing lease cost and total cost of ownership. Whether you need to maintain a continuous vacuum or to cycle frequently between two levels, TriScroll 600 delivers superior performance and reliability in demanding industrial applications.
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