Used VARIAN TriScroll 600 #9096611 for sale

TriScroll 600
ID: 9096611
Dry scroll vacuum pump.
VARIAN TriScroll 600 is a high performance scroll pump designed to deliver optimal, reliable performance across a wide range of flow rates. This versatile pump offers a maximum flow rate of 600 l/min and is designed to reduce static compression losses, resulting in low vibration and easy maintenance. TriScroll 600 is constructed from stainless steel and features a helical profile, which creates an efficient seal. Its endurance against wear and tear is further enhanced by the presence of key components such as VARIAN-designed seal and thrust bearing assemblies. VARIAN TriScroll 600 also incorporates adjustable speed control, allowing the operator to easily control the pump and its output. The easy-to-mount design ensures that the pump is quickly and conveniently connected to the system. It also features a one-piece volute for smooth operation and maximum performance. TriScroll 600 is designed to deliver superior operation regardless of the application. Its corrosion-resistant construction provides maximum durability and a long-term service life. The sound-proofing design ensures that the pump's operating noise is kept to a minimum, allowing it to be used in areas where sound control is a priority. In addition, VARIAN TriScroll 600 is compatible with a variety of materials and systems, including petroleum, chemical, and industrial applications. Its small size also makes it easy to install and operate in tight spaces or confined areas. TriScroll 600 is an ideal choice for both commercial and industrial applications. Its superior performance and flexibility make it the go-to choice for anyone looking to pursue maximum efficiency and reliability. Whether you need a reliable, high performance pump for your business or personal use, VARIAN TriScroll 600 is sure to exceed your expectations.
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