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VARIAN Turbovac V60
Turbovac V60
ID: 151048
Turbo molecular high vacuum pump ISO 63 inlet flange KF 16 oulet flange Pumping speed: 55 L/s.
VARIAN Turbovac V60 is a vacuum pump designed for industrial applications. It is an oil-lubricated, rotary vane pump which uses a combination of oil-sealed sliding sleeve vanes and metal stator vanes to generate a low-vacuum environment. The pump is available in two different models: T80 and T120. The T80 model is rated for a free-air capacity of 5.6 m^3/min. at its ultimate pressure of 1.33 x 10-4 mbar. The T120 version is rated for a free-air capacity of 7.4 m^3/min. at its ultimate pressure of 1.05 x 10-4 mbar. Turbovac V60 is constructed of heavy-gauge steel and features a weatherproof housing for improved durability. The pump features an external drive motor which is powered by a single-phase power source. The single-phase motor operates at 1400 RPM and draws a current of 14 A at 220-240V. The drive motor is connected to an oil-filled, helium-cooled vacuum chamber by a flexible shaft coupling. The oil-filled chamber is designed to minimize pressure fluctuations and maximize efficiency. The chamber is designed for an internal pressure of 1.6 x 10-6 mbar and also contains a safety valve to prevent overpressure conditions. VARIAN Turbovac V60 features a direct-action, non-stop operation which allows for continuous usage without interruption. The pump has a mechanical seal which ensures a leak-free operation and requires no regular maintenance. Turbovac V60 utilizes a unique bypass oil flow controlwhich prevents the accumulation of oil and keeps performance levels consistent. Additionally, the Turbovac has built-in pressure indicators and can be connected to additional accessories such as water vapor traps and vacuum gauges. Overall, VARIAN Turbovac V60 is an efficient and reliable vacuum pump designed for industrial applications. It has a reliable single-phase motor, a heavy-duty weatherproof housing, and direct-action, non-stop operation. The bypass oil flow control prevents the accumulation of oil and allows for consistent performance over time. Finally, the V60 is capable of maintaining a high-vacuum environment even at extreme temperatures and pressure levels.
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