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TV 141
ID: 179793
Turbomolecular pump.
VARIAN TV 141 pump is a compact, high-performance turbomolecular vacuum pump that is designed for reliable operation in high and ultra-high vacuum applications. Its advanced design combines a robust motor, durable bearings and precision-machined components to provide reliable, high-performance operation. TV 141 is also designed to operate at an efficiency of up to 95%, significantly reducing the need for frequent maintenance activities. VARIAN TV 141's power source is a three-phase 800 W motor, which enables the pump to reach maximum speed at 1.2 m3/h and provide the user with a reliable and highly efficient performance. Its light weight allows for easy transport and installation in the working environment. Additionally, the fan motor is sealed and thermally protected to prevent any risk of failure in the pump motor. The pump also features a built-in bypass valve, which ensures that the vacuum environment is maintained in the event of a power interruption. This safeguard prevents the loss of pressure and ensures that the vacuum is held steady for extended periods of time. Additionally, the pump is also equipped with pressure gauges to ensure that the desired level of vacuum is maintained in a timely manner. TV 141 is also characterized by a low-vibration design, eliminating any potential disturbance during operation. Its compact design also provides the user with the ability to position it in tight spaces and restricted environments. Additionally, the pump operates efficiently and quietly in order to reduce unsightly noise during operation, making it suitable for use in research laboratories and other environments. VARIAN TV 141 is the ideal solution for applications that require a reliable and highly efficient vacuum pump. Its robust design and features make it the ideal choice for industrial applications and laboratory environments. With a weight of less than 10 kg and a top-notch efficiency, TV 141 is the perfect choice for any user looking for a reliable and high performance vacuum pump.
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