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TV 2
ID: 179796
Turbomolecular pump.
VARIAN TV 2 is a high-precision, high-flow, super-duty type of pump designed for diffused applications, such as coolant and process fluid delivery, general circulation, and transport tasks. TV 2 is a single-stage, positive-displacement volume-type piston pump designed to provide quiet and smooth operation. It is designed as a compact, high performance vacuum and/or pressure booster, helping to simplify installation while maximizing operational flexibility. VARIAN TV 2 features an external range of 17 to 52 m³/hr, a maximum discharge pressure of 10 bar, and a low-friction pressure range of up to 7 bar. It has a heavy-duty, power-saving motor that is able to operate at a wide range of speeds and pressures. The integrated speed regulator maintains a constant rotation speed for even, stable operation. It also minimizes the amount of energy consumed, resulting in a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution. The added profitability is further enhanced by reduced operating costs. The lubrication of the pumping medium is achieved by one or more radial, axial, or linear-type base plates. TV 2 is equipped with a high-efficiency, low-noise, maintenance-free oil circulation system, allowing the pump to operate without external lubrication. It also has a barrier ring, which prevents intermixing of the pumped medium and lubricating oil, eliminating possible contamination of the medium. VARIAN TV 2 is specifically designed for a variety of applications, such as general circulation, pressure boosting, and transporting liquids or gases. It is an effective tool for boosting the vacuum or pressure of a system, as it uses a unique floating piston design to reduce deflection and drag. This feature helps to increase the accuracy and reliability of the pump. Additionally, the sealing plates are lubricated, allowing for a more secure seal to help prevent leakage. TV 2 provides superior performance in terms of durability, efficiency, and output. It is designed to meet all industrial specifications and operating requirements without any difficulty, making it one of the highest performance solutions available on the market. VARIAN TV 2 is a reliable, well-designed, and cost-efficient pump that is ideal for diffusive applications.
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