Used VARIAN TV 2000 ICE #9097935 for sale

TV 2000 ICE
ID: 9097935
Turbo pump Model: 969-9448 S003 Cables.
VARIAN TV 2000 ICE is a reciprocating, two-stage, low-speed, compressor-duty pump with the capability to run in a continuous or intermittent mode. Featuring a unique, Dual Speed Control equipment (DSC), TV 2000 ICE is capable of delivering high-capacity no-friction performance and economical performance. The first stage of VARIAN TV 2000 ICE features a unique, dual-cylinder piston design, which allows for a quick, orderly suction and compression cycle for better, smoother flow. The second stage features a doubleacting, high-flow armature cylinder for more efficient, uninterrupted stroke action. The combined configuration of the two stages means this pump is capable of performing at a higher pressure range than single-stage pumps, and can run in either a continuous-duty or intermittent-duty mode. For safe and easy operation, TV 2000 ICE utilizes a user-friendly, programmable control system that helps simplify the setup and provides an accurate, automated monitoring and regulation of all pumping parameters. The flexible programmable controller also features several different protective functions, such as a thermal monitoring unit that automatically shuts the pump down in the event of excessive temperature. It also features an automatic lubrication machine to ensure long-lasting, trouble-free service. VARIAN TV 2000 ICE is made from heavy-duty materials, including high-grade stainless steel, for greater durability and longevity. It is also corrosion resistant to provide superior protection against external contaminants. Additionally, the pump features a dry sump that provides up to 3/4" of separation from any possible oil contamination in the case of a leak, further enhancing safety. Putting it all together, TV 2000 ICE offers reliable, economical performance and efficient operation, ideal for any number of pumping needs. With its dual speed control, high-capacity, and automated monitoring and regulation, this pump is capable of creating a range of operational attitudes, whether in a continuous-duty or intermittent-duty mode. It's a reliable, affordable choice to fit your unique needs.
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