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TV 301
ID: 179794
Turbomolecular pump.
VARIAN TV 301 is a diaphragm vacuum pump designed to be a reliable and efficient general-purpose vacuum pump for industrial, laboratory and research applications. VARIAN TV301 offers a robust, dependable performance in a very compact and lightweight design. TV-301 is constructed with a steel base, housing and impeller. The static components are composed of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials for maximum durability. The pump features a diaphragm design, which gives it a smoother, quieter operation than traditional piston-type pumps. It also has an integrated temperature control system, which ensures that temperatures remain within safe levels and reduce risk of the pump components from overheating. TV 301 has a maximum vacuum pressure of 0.7 bara and a maximum flow of 45l/min (at 0.7 bara), with a maximum suction capacity of 80l/min (at 0.3 bara). It has a built-in safety valve that can be adjusted to prevent over-pressurization in order to protect the pump components. Additionally, VARIAN TV-301 is equipped with vibration-proof mounting fittings that can reduce noise and improve overall pump performance. TV301 is perfect for use in a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. It is easy to install and operate, and ideal for applications such as leak testing, degassing, and evaporative processes. VARIAN TV 301 can also be used in more specialised applications such as vacuum distillation, filtration and evaporation, as well as processes such as drying, crystallization and freeze drying. The robust, lightweight design allows for easy transportation and fast maintenance. VARIAN TV301 is also CE certified and approved for safe operation in hazardous locations, as well as for use in indoor and/or outdoor applications. TV-301 is the perfect all-purpose pump for a wide variety of industrial and laboratory needs.
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