Used VARIAN TV 551 #179775 for sale

TV 551
ID: 179775
Turbomolecular pump.
VARIAN TV 551 is a reliable, high-pressure, oil-sealed vacuum pump used in a variety of scientific and industrial applications. It uses proven oil-sealed rotary vane technology to deliver more than 1.7 m 3 /hour of clean and dry air pumping capacity with its variable frequency drive, allowing a wide range of process demands. TV 551 pump incorporates robust construction, advanced bearing design and ceramic mechanical seals to ensure reliability, durability and a long working life. The pumping performance can be adjusted during operation through a simple to use frequency drive, which then automatically adjusts the speed of the motor for optimum efficiency. The motor is protected by its own thermal protection system, reducing the risk of motor overloading and providing additional safety for operators. The pump has the ability to be used with a direct connection to mains power, making it easily adaptable for many different applications. It also features a two-stage oil-sealed vane, which offers superb vapor handling capabilities, suitable for a variety of liquid and gas processes. The vacuum hose connections and KF-style flanges offered by VARIAN TV 551 make it easy to connect all the necessary components. The pump also comes with an integral air bleed valve, which helps reduce pressure and noise to the background air. This makes it suitable for noise sensitive applications and helps to preserve a quiet working environment. The pump also features a safety feature allowing it to only run when it is filled with oil. TV 551 is a reliable, high-pressure vacuum pump, suitable for a range of scientific and industrial applications. Its design incorporates proven oil-sealed rotary technology, ceramic seals and a frequency drive to provide more than 1.7 m3/hour of air pumping capacity. The pump is also easily connected to mains power, and its advanced features such as the integral air bleed valve and thermal protection help to ensure a safe and secure working environment.
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