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V 1000HT
ID: 132743
Turbo molecular pump 950 L/s ISO200 ceramic bearing Control.
VARIAN V 1000HT is a high-performance pump from the international scientific instruments manufacturer VARIAN that excels in applications that demand high flow-rates and precise control of flow media such as liquids and gases. V 1000HT pump is equipped with a powerful motor, capable of generating simultaneously high flow-rates and low operating vibrations. The motor is coupled with a reliable, steady-state flow output control system allowing precise control of the flow-rate. VARIAN V 1000HT flow path incorporates a unique internal configuration to achieve efficient capability of handling high pressure and varying viscosity of process media. Transfers and flow-paths can be customized according to application requirements as there are several different types of valves and pump heads available. The mechanical seal is air-purged and enclosed in a stainless steel lined rotor for efficient heat transfer, capable of prolonged reliance and safety assurance. V 1000HT pump is designed for continuous operation in demanding environments and is highly efficient and compact. All the components in a VARIAN V 1000HT system are proprietary and the user can the benefit from VARIAN long experience in providing reliable and efficient pumps and systems. Secure, integrated data acquisition and diagnostics allow for easy monitoring of performance and state of health, providing ongoing performance feedback. V 1000HT is designed for convenient and easy installation and maintenance, and it is equipped with a number of cutting-edge features to simplify the installation and diagnostic process. Easy access to the front and rear of the motor and pump fins, as well as removable rear access panels, makes servicing the pump easier and quicker. VARIAN V 1000HT pump is suitable for handling a variety of industrial and laboratory applications, including those that require large volume and precise flow control. Its impressive performance, robust design and reliability make it versatile and easy to use, making it a great choice for many industrial processes.
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