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V 1001
ID: 123141
Turbo pumps.
VARIAN V 1001 is a high performance and reliable diaphragm pump. It is designed to meet the challenging needs of a wide variety of industrial and laboratory applications such as thin film deposition, vacuum systems, and process automation. V 1001 is a four-stage, two head diaphragm pump with a pumping capacity of 25 mbar in a single stage, and 125 mbar in a four-stage configuration. The pump is capable of delivering outstanding performance with a maximum inlet pressure of 150 mbar and an outlet pressure of 0.4 bar. The pumping speed range is adjustable between 0.1 and 11.5 mbar with corresponding speeds of between 10 and 20 mbar/minute. The pump is designed with an aluminum body frame that provides durability and facilitates the transition of air and gas. The two heads in VARIAN V 1001 are fabricated using anodized aluminum and Viton to ensure its strength and robustness. The male threaded connections are designed to prevent leaks and maximize the efficiency of the vacuum system. V 1001 is also equipped with an adjustable speed control, adjustable safety pressure inlet valve, water trap, and pressure gauge. These features combine to eliminate tedious manual adjustments and make it easy to adapt the pump for the desired application. The wide flange connection also enables the use of a variety of hoses for various applications. VARIAN V 1001 is a durable, reliable, and performance-oriented diaphragm pump that is ideal for a wide variety of industrial and laboratory applications. Its seal design helps reduce vibration and extends the pump motor life for unparalleled performance. Coupled with an adjustable speed and inlet pressure control, V 1001 provides the user with all the necessary tools to achieve maximum efficiency.
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