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V 150
ID: 179776
Turbo pump.
VARIAN V 150 is a sophisticated and reliable cryogenic pump that utilizes helium pulse-tube technology to deliver optimal performance. With its broad process compatibility, V 150 is suitable for many cryogenic applications, such as liquefying hydrogen and other gas-phase transfer processes. VARIAN V 150 is highly efficient due to its patented engineered valve technology, allowing for rapid pumping of helium isotopes with high throughput. It is able to pump down to a pressure of 10-6 Torr, allowing for operation under highest vacuum levels. Additionally, the unit can achieve a maximum number of helium pulses ranging from 500 to 1000 pulses per second. V 150 is a self-contained, vacuum-sealed unit, equipped with a durable foreline block housing designed for long life expectancy. An efficient gearless direct-drive motor allows for stability and low-maintenance operation, while a dual-bearing cartridge assembly provides superior durability. The pump features a wide range of standard features, such as a comprehensive PID controller, an integrated self-diagnostic equipment, an integrated RF amplifier, an automated purge system, and an auto-restart timer. Furthermore, its advanced control unit also helps minimize downtime and optimize performance. VARIAN V 150 has a wide array of safety features, such as dual-level temperature switches, mechanical surge protection machine, and an auto-lock safety door. Its internal gas reservoir ensures that the unit is never overfilled, minimizing the chance of hazardous overflow. V 150 also includes a wide range of protection against temperature, noise and vibration. Overall, VARIAN V 150 is a high-performance, reliable, and versatile pump for a wide range of cryogenic applications, offering superior performance and long-lasting durability. Its advanced features, robust design, and easy maintenance provide an optimal option for many liquid-helium applications.
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