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V 1800
ID: 123144
Turbo pumps.
VARIAN V 1800 Pump is a high-performance, low-maintenance pumping device purpose-built for producing high-pressure sample solutions. With its patented VaneCellTM Technology, VARIAN V1800 delivers unprecedented accuracy in the delivery of the sample solution to an orbital/rotary device. V 1800 is a rotary mechanical pump that utilizes two offset vane technology that produces a linear flow with low pulsation and consistent pressure. This design reduces the potential for cross-contamination of samples, improves the reproducibility of results, and provides high-confidence in the performance of the sample. The pump features an enclosure built from stainless steel and fiberglass-reinforced polyester, allowing it to withstand even the harshest environments. V1800 is compatible with a range of drive fluids including water, organic solvents, corrosive acids, and various lab chemicals. The pump can be operated in either batch or continuous modes, with easy-to-use interface that allows for precise adjustments to pressure, flow rate, and cycle time. The device includes a data monitoring and logging system, so users can keep track of settings, performance, and corresponding results. Additionally, an on-board PLC automatically adjusts the control parameters of the system to provide optimal performance whether it is operating continuously or in batch mode. For added safety, VARIAN V 1800 is also equipped with emergency shutdown and auto-stop features. This allows the unit to be safely shut down or paused in the event of system failure, eliminating risks associated with excess pressure and material loss. Additionally, an integrated pressure sensor automatically shuts down the pump in the event of an over pressure cycle. In terms of maintenance, the unit is easy to clean and service. The pump features an on-board drive that eliminates the need for expensive drive components, and its patented vanes are easily and quickly accessible with no special tools. Simply remove the quarter turn screws, and VARIAN V1800 delivers easy access to the vane and the drive components, allowing for rapid and convenient maintenance. V 1800 is a precision pump designed with the highest performance and safety standards in mind, making it the ideal choice for laboratory applications. Its combination of low pulsation and accurate delivery of sample solution make it a reliable addition to any lab and offers superior performance with minimal user effort.
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