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V 1800A
ID: 123145
Turbo pump.
VARIAN V 1800A is a high-performance diffusion pump designed for applications with demanding requirements. It is a reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective solution for ensuring the highest-quality vacuum performance. V 1800A is a single-stage, high-vacuum, oil-diffusion pump that utilizes a unique, tangential-aperture design to ensure a fast rise time to full operating pressure. VARIAN V 1800A features a robust and highly reliable design that enables it to handle a variety of demanding applications, such as those requiring extreme temperatures, high rotor speeds, and high gas loadings. In addition, V 1800A is equipped with an additional sub-stage oil supply control equipment and an integrated oil-breathing valve, further increasing its performance. VARIAN V 1800A offers many additional features, including a compact size and an integrated cooling system for improved efficiency and reliability. It has a wide operating temperature range (50 to 70 °C), and a low inlet pressure range that ranges from atmospheric to >10-3 mbar. V 1800A also includes a built-in oil-level alarm unit that helps to prevent pump damage due to low oil levels, and a temperature-compensated heater that maintains an optimal oil temperature to ensure maximum performance. VARIAN V 1800A offers excellent reliability and performance, and is ideal for demanding applications that require reliable operation at high vacuum pressures. The design allows for an extremely fast reaching of full operating pressure, while its compact size and integrated cooling machine ensure efficient operation. The integrated oil-level alarm tool and temperature-compensated heater help to ensure maximum performance, while the integrated oil-breathing valve increases the longevity of the pump. V 1800A is a durable, cost-effective, and reliable solution for ensuring the highest-quality vacuum performance.
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