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V 250
ID: 122078
Turbo pump.
VARIAN V 250 is a precision, high performance mechanical pump designed for demanding, high-precision laboratory and industrial applications. It is a two-stage rotary vane pump that allows for stable pumping at both atmospheric and low vacuum pressures. It features a corrosion and wear resistant stainless steel construction, and utilizes a two-stage metering equipment for accurate operation and efficient pumping of both gas and liquid solutions. The pump's design ensures low noise levels and energy-efficient operation, and its design is optimized for both high volume and ultra-low flowing solutions. VARIAN V250 allows for variable pumping speed with simple adjustment, and offers speed range up to 2200 rpm. The pump includes a number of innovative features, such as a precision vacuum leak detection system, self-diagnostics, automatic shutoff and overflow protection, as well as several integral safety features, and it is suitable for use with all popular laboratory fluids, such as water, organic solvents, and acids. At the heart of V-250 is a powerful, oil-lubricated, two-stage vane design that delivers gas or liquid solutions at a wide range of pressures. It offers superior volumetric throughput and quiet operation, and its rugged and reliable construction ensures long-term accuracy and performance. The pump includes an integrally mounted air as well as an exhaust filter, as well as a reliable check valve unit. V250 allows for tool free maintenance, and provides an intuitive control panel with digital readouts so that users can quickly and easily access machine settings. The pump is also compatible with a range of accessories, including vacuum gauges, valves, and adapters. Overall, VARIAN V-250 is an advanced, high-quality rotary pump designed for reliable performance and precision operation.
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