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V 250
ID: 147544
Pumps with controller and cables.
VARIAN V 250 is a diaphragm pump specifically designed to provide users with an efficient and reliable solution for a variety of chemical and industrial applications. The pump is capable of pumping a wide range of liquids, with a flow rate of up to 250 liters/minute, a maximum pressure of 6bar(g), and a wide range of operating temperatures. The pump has a symmetrical positive displacement design, which enables it to produce an extremely smooth flow rate. VARIAN V250 also features a durable, corrosion-resistant construction made from high-grade materials, such as stainless steel. V-250 comes with several advanced features to ensure optimal performance and reliability. These include a direct-coupled, low-vibration motor for reduced noise and wear, as well as an innovative pulsation dampening system which eliminates pulsations, ensuring a tight and consistent flow. In addition, V250 has various internal and external safety features, such as an over-pressure valve and an anti-stall relief valve, for maximum safety during operation. Moreover, VARIAN V-250 offers several advantages regarding maintenance. Its diaphragm is designed to work in a vacuum, requiring a minimum of lubrication and maintenance. The pump also features a patented design that allows for easy and fast access to parts and components. The comprehensive motor mounting systems ensure quick installation and maintenance. Overall, V 250 pump is an ideal solution for users seeking an efficient and reliable pumping solution. With its corrosion-resistant and durably constructed design, advanced features, and easy maintenance, VARIAN V 250 makes an excellent choice for chemical and industrial applications.
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