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V 300HT
ID: 172136
MacroTorr Turbomolecular Pump Specifications: Model Number: 9699037S003 Pumping Speeds: N2: 250 l/s He: 220 l/s H2: 200 l/s Compression Ratio: N2: 2 x 108 He: 1 x 105 H2: 1 x 104 Base Pressure: With Recommended Mechanical Forepump: 2 x 10-10 (1.5 x 10-10 Torr) With Recommended Diaphragm Pump: 2 x 10-8 (1.5 x 10-8 Torr) Inlet Flange: DN 100 ISO Foreline Flange: NW25 KF Rotational Speed: 56,000 RPM Startup Time: < 3 min. Minimum Recommended Forepump: Two-Stage Rotary Pump: SD 300 Diaphragm Pump: MD 60 Operation Position: Any Cooling Requirements: Forced Air, Water Optional Bakeout Temperature: 120°C at inlet flange (for CFF version) Vibration Level (displacement): < 0.01 µm at inlet flange.
VARIAN V 300HT is a high temperature, direct drive vacuum pump designed to operate at temperatures up to 550°C (1020°F). It has minimal parts, making it extremely reliable and efficient. Its two-stage, 24-blade, motor-driven rotor creates a powerful vacuum, capable of reaching pressures as low as 5x10-4 Torr. This makes VARIAN V300HT a great choice for processes requiring high temperature and/or ultra-high vacuums. Furthermore, the pump has a low oil volume, allowing for less waste and lower maintenance costs. V 300HT is built for high-temperature operation, with features such as a built-in insulation equipment and an advanced oil level management system. The insulation keeps the pump temperature in check, and the oil level management unit provides optimised levels of lubrication, extending the lifetime of the pump. Additionally, the pump has a reverse-flow check valve that helps to prevent any contaminants from entering the vacuum machine. V300HT also has a variety of accessories that can be added to improve performance. For example, an integrated vacuum gauge can be fitted to measure pressure in high-heat processes, while the addition of an oil return manifold prevents back streaming of oil into the process. Finally, the high-temperature combustible gas bleed tool routinely bleeds combustible gases through the exhaust, further ensuring the safety of the users. In conclusion, VARIAN V 300HT is a robust, reliable and efficient high-temperature vacuum pump, capable of achieving ultra-high vacuums at temperatures of up to 550°C (1020°F). It has been specifically designed for high-heat processing, providing advanced features to ensure safe operation and long-term reliability. Furthermore, its accessories allow users to customise the pump to their specific process requirements.
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