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V 301
ID: 179786
Turbo Pump.
VARIAN V 301 is an advanced, motor-driven vacuum pump capable of achieving a wide range of pressure and flow requirements in chemical and industrial processes. A stainless steel body and individual power supply provides optimum performance and reliability. V 301 utilizes a large variety of wet and dry vacuum configurations for chemical and industrial use. The versatile design features a 300 liter-per-minute pumping capacity, high pressure performance and low-preset speeds for series applications. This makes the pump ideal for applications such as process chromatography, oil-free casting, as well as laboratory and analytical tasks. The advanced design of VARIAN V 301 is ideal for applications that involve higher vacuum pressures. It allows operation with maximum efficiency, even with extremely difficult applications, such as cleaning systems, extraction systems and drying processes. The pump allows working with both gas and liquid phases with a maximum pressure of 16.2 bar, giving it greater efficiency and reliability. The toroidal design of V 301 ensures quiet operation and low noise levels, as well as low vibration emission. This makes it ideal for sensitive applications, such as in research laboratories. The motor operates on a direct inclination drive and can be easily adjusted with the aid of a control knob. It is also possible to adjust the air flow rate of VARIAN V 301, with a range between 0 to 300 liter-per-minute. Flow meters and pressure gauges indicate the current state of operation, and a dedicated controller module allows for full programmability. This allows users to precisely monitor and control the operation of the pump. Overall, V 301 is a rugged and reliable pump designed to provide precise and efficient operation to a wide range of chemical and industrial processes. It is highly versatile, allowing for maximum control, reliability and efficiency for a variety of applications.
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