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V 450
ID: 179779
Turbo pump.
VARIAN V 450 is an advanced, high-performance peristaltic pump with an expandable design configuration. This reliable and versatile pump is designed for many applications, from volumetric transfer through to high-pressure delivery. This durable, robust device features intuitive and simple operation, whilst fulfilling the demands of even the most demanding laboratory environment. VARIAN V450 features a reliable microprocessor-based control system which is capable of accurately delivering constant flow rates and pressure as required. The brushed DC motor is completely enclosed in a protective housing, allowing the pump to work over a temperature range of 10 to 40°C whilst still delivering powerful performance. The pump also includes a durable, stainless steel head to protect the motor and increase the pumps lifetime. V 450 has an intuitive and user-friendly interface which makes operation and maintenance simple. The pump also features advanced diagnostics that alert users on any potential system issues for maximum efficiency. The wide range of tubing materials, flow rates and configurations offered by this pump allows users to tailor the pump to their specific application. In addition, V450 pump offers a number of advanced safety features to ensure reliable and safe operation. The internal power supply protects users from any electric leakage and the built-in low voltage protection circuitry ensures that the pump is always running optimally. The pump also includes a locked start-stop switch, as well as a safety key to prevent any unauthorized access or operation. VARIAN V 450 pump is a dependable, versatile and easy to operate medical grade pump capable of delivering reliable results. Its advanced control system, intuitive user interface and versatile design options make it ideal for a range of laboratory environments. With robust construction, superior safety features and consistent performance, VARIAN V450 is the perfect choice for any laboratory.
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