Used VARIAN V 551 Navigator #123139 for sale

VARIAN V 551 Navigator
V 551 Navigator
ID: 123139
Turbo pump Choice of ISO-100 or ISO-160 inlets.
VARIAN V 551 Navigator is a state-of-the-art medical pump used in clinical applications for precise control of the delivery of pharmaceuticals, fluids, and infusions. This advanced pump combines precise electronic control and reliable operation with ease of use. It is designed for patient safety and simplification of point-of-care delivery. V 551 Navigator features an intuitive user interface with a 5.7 inch color touchscreen for comprehensive patient, drug, and fluid data capabilities. The touchscreen provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface that simplifies programming and monitoring of the pump operation. The pump also features a qFactor™ technology that allows for a reliable multiple drug/fluid delivery in a single, easy-to-use device. The qFactor™ technology utilizes a proprietary algorithm to safely deliver up to four different pharmaceuticals and fluids simultaneously. The pump is equipped with a specialized software-based controller for precise control of the flow rate and for monitoring the pump operation. The controller is designed to easily adjust the flow rate settings to match the patient's specific needs. VARIAN V 551 Navigator is designed for use in mobile applications as the device is both lightweight and rugged. The pump weighs just five pounds and has an IP44 rating that makes it resistant to dust and water. The device utilizes a number of safety features including POISafe™, which eliminates accidental programming of the wrong drug or fluid. It also has an optional Patient ID Lockout feature that prevents unauthorized drug administration. The pump is also equipped with numerous sensors for the monitoring of temperature, level, pressure, and the status of the drip/bag and syringe. V 551 Navigator is an advanced pump that will provide clinicians with reliable and precise control of drug and fluid delivery at the point-of-care. It is designed with robust safety features and sophisticated control algorithms to ensure the safety and accuracy of the delivery process.
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