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V 60
ID: 179780
Turbo pump.
VARIAN V 60 pump is a high performance, positive displacement and robust centrifugal pump designed for long-term use in diverse and demanding industrial applications. The pump itself is of a single-stage design, composed of abrasion resistant stainless steel impeller and a premium mechanical seal. V 60 offers several features that enhance safety, reliability and efficiency. The seal of the pump is located outside of the pumped fluid flow, protecting the system from contamination and increasing operational life and overall durability. Additionally, VARIAN V 60 incorporates a non-overloading design and is optimized to deliver improved efficiency at higher flow ratings, resulting in reduced energy costs. V 60 can pump a wide variety of fluids and is versatile enough to operate with any type of drive system. Its precision engineered mechanical seal allows for a maximum continuous temperature of 177 °C and a maximum pressure rating of up to 10 Bar. The pump is also capable of handling external bearing support, providing greater flexibility in the nature of applications it can be used in. With its motor protection and adjustable speed, VARIAN V 60 allows for fine adjustments in the flow rate that can help to further enhance safety and efficiency. The external impeller design of V 60 results in improved efficiency and less tendency to pulsations. The pump also offers easy maintenance and requires no additional components, such as couplings, belt drives or other expensive items typically needed in other pump designs. This makes it a cost-effective choice for operations and simpler to service, resulting in decreased downtime and reduced installation cost. It also has a maximum self-priming capability of 9.5m. Overall, VARIAN V 60 is a reliable, self-priming, centrifugal pump with a unique design for maximum efficiency and dependable performance. It is built for use in numerous industrial applications and provides superior pumping performance with a higher safety factor in its operation. This premium centrifugal pump is capable of providing fast and efficient performance as demonstrated in various operating environments.
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