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V 70
ID: 155051
Turbo Pump.
VARIAN V 70 rotary-vane vacuum pump is a heavy-duty, oil-sealed rotary vane pump designed to achieve and maintain high performance levels. It is an extremely reliable design featuring optimized oil-seal design, allowing for smooth reliable operation with capacities up to 750 m³/hr. This pump is suitable for low and medium-vacuum pumping applications in the industrial, scientific and medical fields. V 70 vacuum pump features an optimized oil-seal design, with a single piston and two radial vane slots that distribute the load. This design reduces friction, increases operating efficiency and improves sealing performance by eliminating the need for a purge gas system. VARIAN V 70 also features a unique rear-diffuser design that helps to promote constant lubrication while providing superior control of oil circulation. Additionally, V 70 is equipped with an integrated oil management system (OMS), which offers automatic monitoring of oil level and temperature and can be used to alert users when maintenance is required. VARIAN V 70 vacuum pump is designed for superior performance and superior reliability. Its design allows for silent operation and efficient operation of a variety of applications, including vacuum drying, vacuum distillation, freeze-drying, injection molding and vacuum degassing. V 70's design is also robust and highly durable, making it suitable for harsh industrial environments. When it comes to maintenance, VARIAN V 70 vacuum pump offers a variety of options to keep it functioning at peak performance. The integral OMS allows users to set up automatic maintenance and alert options, while the oil filter can be easily accessed and replaced without any special tools. Additionally, V 70 is easily serviced in place, meaning that access to the pump is quick and easy. Overall, VARIAN V 70 vacuum pump is an exceptional rotary-vane pump that offers superior performance and reliability. Its optimized oil-seal design offers improved sealing and low-noise operation, while its integrated OMS allows users to easily keep the pump in top condition. Finally, V 70 is easily serviced in place, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial, scientific and medical applications.
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