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V 701
ID: 179791
Turbo Pump.
VARIAN V 701 is a rotary vane vacuum pump developed by VARIAN, Inc. for a variety of industrial and scientific applications, including vacuum furnaces, diffusion pumps, and rotary evaporators. It is capable of creating an ultimate vacuum of 7 x 10-4 mbar, making it one of the most powerful pump offerings from VARIAN. This pump is designed with a single displacement rotor, acting as its primary component. It operates using oil-lubricated rotors and requires a continuous supply of dry and clean air to perform. It is ideal for multiple chamber pumping as well as deep roughing applications. V 701 features a high rotational speed of an operating range between 420 to 1600 RPM. It has an internal power range between 1.5 and 4Kw with a displacement of 50 to 460 liters per second. On the exterior, VARIAN V 701 is equipped with a bearing housing, vacuum ports as well as two different drive options; either M-Coupled or Direct Drive. Additionally, it has a maximum continuous pressure limit of 800 mbar and a maximum permissible condensate temperature at the pump of 90° C. V 701 features an intelligent control system that works to protect the pump, as well as its peripherals, from overheating, excess pressure and insufficient oil supply, providing a safe and steady vacuum environment. It is equipped with a number of maintenance features such as a built-in silencer, corrosion resistant material construction and a mechanical seal bypass as well as blades that adjust to the clearances of the rotor as it expands and contracts in response to intense thermal loads, providing quiet operation and extended life. Overall, VARIAN V 701 is an exceptional vacuum pump that can outperform the competition when it comes to creating an ultimate vacuum and performing with impeccable reliability. Its powerful motor, robust construction and intelligent control system combine to make it an ideal choice for industrial and scientific applications.
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