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V 81
ID: 179792
Turbo Pump.
VARIAN V 81 is a positive displacement high-vacuum mechanical pump designed to provide industry leading performance and reliability. It is designed for direct connection to process or vacuum instrumentation or in combination with VARIAN full range of turbomolecular pumps. V 81 pump is an ideal choice for applications requiring high pumping speeds for nitrogen, argon, and most other common process gases. The three stage design utilizes two rotor-vane plunge pumps and an integral mist separator to provide maximum efficiency and reliability. The construction features a stainless steel body and integral aluminum motor enclosure, providing a strong and robust structure, with all internal components constructed of either stainless steel or brass. VARIAN V 81 pump is a direct drive pump, operating at either 50 or 60 hertz, powered by either single-phase or three-phase electrical motors. The variable speed drives have been engineered to variable frequency motor drive users, enabling computer control of motor speed subject to pressure. The PLC control system also allows the user to control pressure with ease through precise selections. The pumping speeds provided by V 81 pump are very competitive. At its maximum pressure, VARIAN V 81 pump can provide pumping speeds of 25 m3 per hour for nitrogen and argon, double that for helium, and higher for other process gases. Furthermore, the pump can maintain vacuum pressures down to 10-4 mbar. It achieves such pressures due to its optimisation for high compression ratios and its advanced rotor design. In order to ensure maximum pump life, V 81 pump has a range of safety features, such as a built-in low-flux thermal protection circuit, a high-temperature protection setting, and over-pressure and surge protection. In addition, the pump's built-in vibration dampening system reduces vibration levels to a maximum of 5 g. In conclusion, VARIAN V 81 is a reliable, robust, and efficient pump suitable for most applications requiring a high-vacuum environment. With its built-in safety features, variable frequency motor drive, and high pumping speeds, V 81 pump provides a robust solution for any number of industrial applications.
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