Used VARIAN V200 #164051 for sale

ID: 164051
Turbo molecular pump.
VARIAN V200 is an advanced and reliable mechanical pump from VARIAN Inc. that can be used for a wide array of applications. This pump, which is equipped with a variety of modern features, has a maximum pressure capability of up to 20,000 psi and offers a wide range of operating temperature, from -195F to 600F. V200 is powered by a high speed, variable frequency drive and has many safety and control features that help ensure smooth and efficient operation. VARIAN V200 is a reliable, variable speed, vane-style feed pump made of lightweight aluminum and stainless steel components, meaning it is extremely durable and able to withstand even the most demanding environments. Its cost-effective design makes it an attractive option for many applications. As with all VARIAN pumps, V200 carries with it a three-year warranty and is backed by knowledgeable, attentive customer support. VARIAN V200 has several innovative features that make it an ideal choice for operators in any application. For instance, its recessed crankcase offers a degree of protection from wear and tear, while its patented "floating stator" design additionally helps reduce mechanical wastage. V200 is also equipped with a low turbulence mechanism, which reduces the occurrence of random noise and vibration while operating in higher speeds. VARIAN V200 is also designed with a variety of safety features. For instance, its stop, start, and run safety features make it easier and safer to use, and its adjustable oil and temperature sensors help minimize the risk of overheating. Additionally, it features a built-in low pressure system that shuts off the pump when the pressure reaches a certain limit and automatically adjusts when needed. Overall, V200 is a powerful and reliable pump that is perfect for a wide array of applications. Its modern features and built-in safety systems make it suitable for use in any environment. With its cost-effective design and hassle-free maintenance, VARIAN V200 is an excellent choice for a number of operators.
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