Used VARIAN V2K-G #179784 for sale

ID: 179784
Turbo Pump.
VARIAN V2K-G pump is a precision-crafted differential pumping equipment designed to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. It is a highly efficient and dependable vacuum system suitable for many laboratories and research applications. V2K-G pump is powered by a high-power brushless DC motor and is capable of producing up to 99% maximum ultimate pressure, enabling it to be used in applications requiring ultra high vacuum. This remarkable ultimate pressure is maintained over a wide range of operating conditions and increases as the vacuum level drops. VARIAN V2K-G also features an integral bypass with adjustable flow characteristics, enabling it to overcome the limitations of some traditional vacuum systems. This bypass can be adjusted for precise control, allowing for fine tuning of the vacuum pressure based on your needs. This pump also features an optimised all-metal construction for superior durability and corrosion resistance. V2K-G has a low-vibration design and an efficient silencing unit, accompanied by an advanced multi-stage air filtration machine with disposable and reusable pre-filter elements. This makes it suitable for a range of ultra-high vacuum applications. VARIAN V2K-G pump also boasts a host of sophisticated monitoring and control functions that make it easy to operate and maintain. The abundant range of safety features this pump offers make it a reliable choice for any laboratory or research application, including testing and manufacturing, as well as for high-end analytical instruments such as spectrometers, electron microscopes and scanning force microscopes. Overall, V2K-G pump is a reliable and cost effective, high-performance tool offering a demonstrated record of providing sustainable and reliable operation. Its wide range of features and sophisticated control functions make it an ideal solution for laboratories and research applications requiring high-quality atmospheric pressure and vacuum control.
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