Used VARIAN V551 #179789 for sale

ID: 179789
Turbo pump.
VARIAN V551 is a high-performance, multi-stage rotary pump ideal for a variety of vacuum processes. This reliable and powerful pump has been designed and developed to fulfil the demanding needs of medical, research, industrial and laboratory applications. VARIAN V 551 contains a single stage oil sealed rotary vane pump that operates with two in-line bearings, a ductile iron gas ballast and a dual-stage air cooling system. This pump's integrated gas ballast allows it to be used in air or gas-containing environments and is capable of accepting an inlet pressure up to 50 millibars. The pump features a variable-speed motor, providing adjustable speeds and rotational speeds ranging from 900 to 3900 rpm. The pump is designed with a direct motor drive, ensuring optimal performance with low maintenance and noise levels. The motor is fitted with an overload protection and thermal overload switch, allowing it to operate safely in any environment and with a wide range of process materials. Additionally, it contains safety mechanisms to prevent dry running and overheating. The air-cooled V551 contains innovative design features and construction materials that provide advanced control over the vacuum process and high levels of performance. Its optimized vacuum performance ensures enhanced pumping speeds at a wide range of inlet pressures. Its heavy-duty and ruggedly constructed construction ensures a long operating life, while its advanced oil management system features an in-built oil recirculation design that reduces the risk of oil spills, while enabling optimal oil levels. V 551 is designed to be used in a wide range of applications, including air filtration, freeze-drying, degassing, evaporating and distilling. This versatile pump is capable of operating at maximum pressures of 50 mbar and is suited for use with many processes, ranging from general laboratory work to food, pharmaceutical and medical applications. VARIAN V551 is an efficient and reliable pump ideal for providing quality performance in even the most demanding environments. With its rugged construction and innovative design, this pump provides reliable and consistent performance for a wide range of vacuum processes.
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