Used VARIAN VHS-10 #9068720 for sale

ID: 9068720
Diffusion pump 208 Volt heater.
VARIAN VHS-10 pump is a robust and reliable liquid pumping device designed for use in a wide variety of applications integrated with most other liquid handling systems. This pump features a totally enclosed casing constructed of durable stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance, allowing for optimal performance in harsh chemical environments. Inside the enclosure there are two precision-machined cylinders, one for gas and one for liquid, connected by a system of rotary valves and variable-speed, brushless DC (BLDC) motor. The fuel and liquid cylinders are separated by a chemical-resistant diaphragm that is connected to the BLDC motor and driven by a high-torque and low-profile geared mechanism. The motor operates at variable speeds up to 100 rpm, with maximum pressures up to 20 bar at 10 l/min. VHS-10 additionally comes with an inlet and outlet flow control valve that can be utilized to regulate the rate at which fuel and liquids enter and exit the cell. This allows for precise adjustment and proper distribution of your system's pressure and flow from a single point. VARIAN VHS-10 is designed with a built-in amplifier, which provides consistent current to the motor for an even more reliable pumping performance. The pump also features a programmable Exhaust/Recirculation Valve for precise and controlled discharge. VHS-10 is equipped with two illuminated LEDs on the front of the enclosure that indicate whether the pump is in standby or active state. VARIAN VHS-10 is an extremely reliable pump for a wide range of fluid pumping applications, offering optimal operation stability and performance. It has a maximum system pressure of 20 bar with a maximum flow rate of 10 l/min and a variable speed motor up to 100 rpm. The built-in amplifier and exhaust/recirculation valve offer quick and easy control of pressure and flow within the pump. It is constructed from high-grade materials for corrosion-resistance and long-term durability.
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