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F 31110-02
ID: 9072371
High Vacuum Gate Valve OD 16.75" ID 12.5" BC 15.5" (12) Holes Length 33.75 " Piston 16".
VAT F 31110-02 pump is a highly efficient, corrosion-resistant, single-phase, centrifugal circulator. This pump is designed to be used in a wide variety of applications, from heated tap water to hot coastal waters. Its robust construction, including an all-stainless steel housing and non-metallic components, enables it to withstand the harsh environment of salt, sand and pebbles. The pump is easy to install and maintain; it features a permanently lubricated sealed motor, enabling it to be plugged in and ready to go. Additionally, the pump can operate either in a wet or a dry mode, and it offers a number of speed settings between 50 and 6500 RPM. The pump has a maximum flow of up to 390 gallons per hour and a hydraulic head of up to 50 feet. It comes with a stainless steel impeller, which provides high efficiency and stability when pumping, and it is also resistant to crystallization in hot waters. The inlet and outlet connections posses female flanges, and the center of the pump has a threaded connection for the drive unit. The pump is designed for use on vertical or horizontal installations and is supplied with the seal and gasket kit included. The motor has a single-phase, 220-volt supply and is rated for 2.2 A inrush. This ensures sufficient power for the pump and its associated equipment, even during peak operating times. The pump features automatic thermal protection and a thermostat-activated thermal cut-off switch is included for added safety. F 31110-02 pump is a highly reliable and durable piece of equipment, specifically designed for operation in a wide range of environmental conditions. It provides a cost-effective, efficient and reliable solution for maintaining a balanced system temperature and is suitable for a variety of applications, ranging from residential to commercial operations.
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