Used VAT F14-51293-03 #9072372 for sale

ID: 9072372
High Vacuum Gate Valve OD 9" ID 6" BC 7 7/8 " Stainless steel (8) Holes.
VAT F14-51293-03 is a pump designed and manufactured by VAT, Inc. It is a robust and reliable pump, suitable for many industrial, pharmaceutical, laboratory and other applications. F14-51293-03 is a gear-driven, positive-displacement diaphragm pump, utilizing a single-stage, external-tooth design. The diaphragm is made from a durable, industrial rubber compound, offering superior abrasion and corrosion resistance. The unit has a simple, compact design, with easy access to all necessary components. VAT F14-51293-03 is capable of producing flows from 2 to 18 liters per minute, allowing it to handle a range of applications requiring different pump flow rates. The pressure range is adjustable, with adjustable stop control valves, allowing it to be used safely and reliably in a broad range of applications. The unit has connections for 1/4" and 3/8" tubing, for versatility and ease of use. The unit contains a variety of features, making it a powerful and dependable choice. The unit has an integrated air filter and relief valve to protect against overloads and provide stable performance without interruption. The pump also contains a check valve which prevents backflow, thus keeping the liquid securely held in the chamber. Additionally, the pump contains a carbon brushless DC motor which offers high starting torque and low running noise, making it an ideal choice for both medical and industrial applications. F14-51293-03 pump offers high performance and reliability in an easy-to-install, compact design. The unit is capable of handling various types of liquids, including water, acids, and various other solvents. VAT F14-51293-03 is easy to maintain, with all necessary components accessible for easy cleaning and replacement. The unit is also designed with a variety of safety features, including built-in overload protection and pressure relief valve. F14-51293-03 diaphragm pump is an ideal choice for industrial, pharmaceutical, laboratory and other applications requiring reliable, high-performance pumping. The unit is a robust and reliable design, capable of handling many liquid types, offering superior abrasion and corrosion resistance, adjustable pressure range, and safety features. The unit also offers easy access, maintenance, and installation, making it a versatile choice for many applications.
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