Used VAT F14-66060-01 #9072370 for sale

ID: 9072370
High Vacuum Gate Valve OD 11 5/16 " ID 8 " BC 10.5" L 22.75" W 12" (12) Holes.
VAT F14-66060-01 is a robust and reliable dry Scroll Vacuum pump, designed for a variety of applications. This high-performance pump is capable of efficient vacuum generation between 0.5 and 500 mbar. It is suitable for continuous vacuum operation. This pump features a dry scroll design and a single-stage compression design to enable running with oil free air. This eliminates the need for additional oil recirculation systems and achieves low operating costs due to low energy consumption and minimal maintenance requirements. The motor of the pump is a Van Austen (VAT) with speed control. The speed controller can operate the pump in a wide range of variable speeds allowing for better pressure control. This ensures the pump can continue operating even in adverse conditions. The pump has been designed to remain functional under a wide range of temperatures, humidity, and dust particles. This ensures reliable operation even in the harshest of work environments. The body of the pump is made from aluminum alloy which results in a lightweight yet strong construction. The aluminum alloy body also makes the pump resistant to corrosion, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring a longer life span. F14-66060-01 offers low vibration operation, achieved through the use of internal balancing and an acoustically and thermally optimised housing. Noise emission is reduced to a minimum with acoustic insulation applied where required. The sealed housing allows the pump to be installed horizontally or vertically. Its compact size helps to minimize space requirements, leaving more room in confined laboratory environments. VAT F14-66060-01 offers a duty cycle of 50% and is capable of handling pressures up to 0.6 mbar. The pump is easy to maintain with replaceable intake and exhaust filters. An o-ring sealed bearing housing ensures optimal sealing and provides long and reliable operational life.
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