Used VOTSCH 796-095572-012 #9097028 for sale

ID: 9097028
Pump, 440 L/s PMP HLCL GRVD CE Marked.
VOTSCH 796-095572-012 is a laboratory grade rotary vane vacuum pump used for general laboratory applications, including the evacuation of air from an apparatus. Designed to provide superior performance in a cost-effective package, 796-095572-012 is an essential tool for a variety of laboratory applications. At its core, VOTSCH 796-095572-012 consists of a rotary vane motor with a number of adjustable blades that work together to evacuate air from the apparatus. It is constructed from durable, corrosion-resistant materials and has a maximum suction capacity of 755 mbar (25.5in Hg). The pump also features an efficient direct drive equipment, allowing for a continuous operation without the need for additional hardware or power sources. 796-095572-012 is equipped with a power switch, as well as an emergency shut-off switch in case of accidents or other unexpected events. To support the running of the pump, VOTSCH 796-095572-012 also features an integrated cooling system with a fan, which helps to ensure the long-term reliability of the pump. The user interface of 796-095572-012 is simple and straightforward. A digital display provides all the necessary information about the status of the pump in real-time, making it easy to identify any problems that might occur during operation. Additionally, a reliable mechanical switch allows users to select from three different vacuum levels and adjust the speed accordingly, which allows flexibility when setting up the pump according to the needs of specific applications. The affordability of VOTSCH 796-095572-012 makes it an ideal choice for any laboratory environment. Its easy setup and reliable performance make it a great option for many applications. With its robust construction, durable and corrosion-resistant material, reliable drive unit, and effective cooling machine, 796-095572-012 is a capable pump for any laboratory application.
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