Used WARREN RUPP SandPIPER SB1-A #124275 for sale

ID: 124275
Diaphragm pump Wet material: metal Inlet: 1" Outlet: 1" Input: 125 psi.
WARREN RUPP SandPIPER SB1-A pump is designed for reliable, economical and efficient operation over a wide range of applications. Featuring a single-moving seal design, this positive displacement pump operates on compressed air and is suitable for use in a variety of liquids, including acids, bases, wastewater, oils, paints, and solvents. The robustness of SandPIPER SB1-A pump is enhanced by its all-cast construction. Its body is constructed from aluminum and its rotor from high-grade steel. This makes it durable and capable of withstanding operation in extreme temperatures and in surroundings with highly corrosive substances. In addition, the pump has been tested and certified for hazardous area applications and carries CSA and AGMA Certification. WARREN RUPP SandPIPER SB1-A offers superior performance with maximum output of up to 1000 liters per hour. This is thanks to its adjustable eccentric rotor design, which ensures a uniform output. Also, its easy to adjust air relief valve and check valve maintain a steady flow without changing the main parameters. With its streamlined design, the pump allows for easy maintenance and repairs when required. This is further facilitated by its removable air motor and in-line repairable nozzle. Additionally, SandPIPER SB1-A offers mechanical or solenoid-operated shut-off air valves for complete air isolation. WARREN RUPP SandPIPER SB1-A positively displaces liquids in an efficient and reliable way and is the ideal pump for a wide range of applications. Its robust design makes it suitable for hazardous area applications, while its adjustable eccentric rotor and easy to adjust air relief valve and check valve ensure a steady output and maximum performance. Its streamlined design and removable air motor allow for easy and quick maintenance and repair when necessary.
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