Used WARREN RUPP SandPIPER TN-3PP #124237 for sale

ID: 124237
Pumps Wet material: Teflon Inlet: 0.75" Outlet: 0.75" Input: 100 psi.
WARREN RUPP SandPIPER TN-3PP is a sealless centrifugal pump designed to provide reliable service in a range of tough industrial applications. This specialized pump is ideal for abrasive, corrosive, and hazardous liquids as well as fragile, fragile media. It is designed with a patented, non-metallic, Replaceable Pump Tube (RPT) that is capable of handling various viscosities as well as suspended solids. SandPIPER TN-3PP is designed for use in industrial applications where fluids must be pumped fast, hard and efficiently. The pump model is designed with a unique approach to self-priming and offers a maximum volumetric flow rate of up to 7,320 gallons per minute (gpm). It also offers a head pressure capacity of up to 165 psi (11.3 bar). The pump is engineered with wear-resistant, lubricant-free components and a durable, non-metallic housing to ensure consistent, reliable performance. An integral pressure-regulating valve and a strainer are built into the pump's wear-resistant bonnet, limiting noise and wear on the motor and bearings. The pump can handle pumped fluids up to 500°F (260°C) and as high as 18 pounds per gallon (1.44SG). With the combined properties of the bonnet, motor, and RPT, WARREN RUPP SandPIPER TN-3PP delivers improved peristaltic flow and reduced contamination of the pumped fluids. This specialty pump comes in four different port sizes (1 inch, 1-1/2 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch) providing options for a variety of applications. It also offers flexibility in the pump's port size for high-flow applications. SandPIPER TN-3PP features a heavy duty, replaceable cage for high-speed operation, and is UL and cUL listed for hazardous liquids. It is also CSA certified for safe operation in Zone 1 (Class I, Division 1) and Zone 2 (Class II, Division 2) hazardous locations. WARREN RUPP SandPIPER TN-3PP is designed to minimize downtime and maximize service life with superior design features including energy efficient, single and two-speed motors as well as the exclusive Periloc™ mechanism. The Periloc mechanism overcomes pressure fluctuations and assures a consistent, constant flow rate even if the pressure changes. The replaceable pump tube also provides quick, easy maintenance which eliminates the need for expensive downtime for service and repairs. Overall, SandPIPER TN-3PP is an excellent choice for industrial pumping applications that require reliable performance of tough liquids and fragile debris. It is designed to handle even the most difficult pumping tasks and is capable of delivering extreme pumping efficiency. WARREN RUPP SandPIPER TN-3PP is backed by a two-year limited warranty, making it an excellent choice for ultimate performance and peace of mind.
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