Used WEG W21 #9092849 for sale

ID: 9092849
Motor for Grundfos pumps.
WEG W21 pumps are highly efficient, single- or two-stage centrifugal pumps specifically designed for moving water or other fluids with low solids contents. The simple and robust design provides superior performance, even in highly demanding situations such as firefighting and high pressure applications. W21 is made up of a diffuser and impeller assembly. The diffuser houses two independent nozzle channels with adjustable restrictions, providing precision flow control and maximum pump efficiency. The impeller is dynamically balanced and constructed of corrosive resistant cast iron or stainless steel and features advanced mechanical seals and highly efficient flow passages. The impeller is designed to reduce thrust and minimize power consumption. The motor is a high efficiency squirrel cage induction motor available in various voltages and power output options. These motors are totally enclosed and feature high-thrust bearings and temperature sensors for motor protection and to extend operating life. Special designs are available with power and temperature protection. WEG W21 has an incredibly robust casing and shaft system that ensures the pump can handle high pressure and flow even when pumping at low speeds. The removable cover allows easily inspection and maintenance, while the adjustable bearing housing enables easy adjustment in order to reduce end face thrust. Additionally, W21 is equipped with an oil chamber incorporated in the bearing housing for lubrication of the bearings and shaft and an oil sump to collect and divert fine particles away from the pump, providing excellent wear and tear resistance for longer service life. Additionally, several auxiliary devices such as speed governor, alarm and level controlling switches and heating systems can be connected to the unit to ensure reliable performance in a variety of working conditions. WEG W21 is an ideal choice for various applications and is available in various sizes and designs to suit individual requirements. The pump offers excellent performance, reliability, and a long service life.
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