Used WELCH 1375 #9071344 for sale

ID: 9071344
WELCH 1375 pump is a versatile and durable vacuum pump designed for general laboratory use. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications such as degassing liquids, filtration, distillation and extraction, as well as venting and evacuating. This pump features an oil-lubricated, rotary vane design with a 2-speed motor that can be set to a high or low speed. The head of the pump is constructed from aluminum and the body is made of cast iron and chrome plated. The mechanical components of 1375 are designed for maximum durability and built to last. The motor on WELCH 1375 is powerful, able to generate up to 77 liters/minute of free air and with a maximum inlet pressure of 8 atmospheres. The motor is rated to run continuously and it is capable of reaching ultimate vacuum levels of 12 torr. The motor also features a mechanical oil mist filter to ensure that oil is not being discharged into the atmosphere. The pump also provides users with a port to attach an external filter to further reduce oil vapors from entering the environment. 1375 is also equipped with outflow and vacuum fittings, a pressure gauge, an oil sight glass, a vent valve, and an air muffler. All of these features make it easy to operate and maintain. The manual for the pump is also comprehensive and includes detailed information on setup and operation. WELCH 1375 pump is the ideal solution for scientific laboratories and industrial applications that require a strong and reliable vacuum pump. Its powerful motor, durable construction, and thoughtful features make it a great choice for any laboratory use. Its affordable price also makes it a great value for labs and businesses.
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