Used WELCH 1376B-01 #130257 for sale

WELCH 1376B-01
ID: 130257
Pump, 10.6 cfm.
WELCH 1376B-01 is a rotary mechanical pump used to move liquid and gas. This pump is designed for continuous duty operation and is composed of a volute chamber, rotor and bearings, and a mechanical seal designed for liquid and gas applications. The volute chamber is a cast iron component that houses the rest of the pump components and manages the pressure differential. It allows liquid to enter the pump and keeps it from escaping before it is accelerated by the rotor. The rotor, or impeller, is a stainless steel component with curved blades which accelerate the liquid or gas, thereby creating pressure. The rotor is mounted in a bearing assembly within the volute chamber, with specifically engineered bearing life increases which permit longer periods of operation. The rotor is powered by a motor. Depending on the application, motors with varying properties such as voltage and horsepower may be used. The main seal of 1376B-01 is of the single mechanical variety and is designed for liquid and gas applications. The seal is secured by an O-ring and clamps to keep the liquid or gas from escaping. The seal is also constructed using corrosion resistant materials for improved service life. WELCH 1376B-01 is engineered for reliability and performance. Installations are designed to be simple, with few components that require maintenance and a valve-less, trouble-free operation. The pump also features optimized impeller designs for improved hydraulic performance and minimized power consumption. Additionally, the volute chamber is designed for maximum pump volumetric efficiency and optimized flow performance for different applications. In conclusion, 1376B-01 is a reliable and efficient rotary mechanical pump which features optimized impeller designs, corrosion resistant mechanical seals, and a simple and easy installation process, ideal for liquid and gas applications.
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