Used WELCH 1397 #135747 for sale

WELCH 1397
ID: 135747
Belt-driven rotary vane pumps, 17.7 CFM, 115VAC.
WELCH 1397 is a positive displacement-style diaphragm pump that is powered by air to deliver a reliable, precise and repeatable flow rate. This pump has a high capacity and is capable of pumping various non-corrosive fluids, such as water and other solutions or oils, at high pressures and flows. The pump features a direct-acting drive design that enables easy maintenance as well as a robust external case construction which provides excellent protection against physical damage and vibration. The rotor and stator of the pump are sealed with a durable silicone diaphragm, providing a smooth operation for maximum efficiency. This pump can deliver up to 40 liters of fluid per minute at max. pressure up to 20 psi. Furthermore, the convenient design Isolated Diaphragm Cavity (IDC) allows for a fast exchange of the diaphragm without dismantling the pump. The smooth operation and the ability to achieve precise flow rates make 1397 pump ideal for metering tasks, transferring fluids and production processes. This pump is also suitable for operating with high temperature fluids, as the temperature can range between 45- to 120-degrees Celsius. It is also durable, easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance. The exterior of the pump also features an adjustable pressure relief valve, allowing the user to adjust the pressure easily or to vent it in case of overpressure conditions that could damage the pump. Lastly, WELCH 1397 pump is equipped with an optional self-adjusting overload protection system which keeps the pump from operating outside of its normal atmospheric range. All these features make it suitable for a range of industrial, pharmaceutical, and laboratory applications.
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