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WELCH 1397
ID: 141909
WELCH 1397 is a high performance peristaltic pump designed for reliable and repeatable performance in a wide range of applications. It is ideal for pumping and mixing of liquids, suspensions, suspensions of cell cultures for bioreactors, tanks, vessels and tube holders. 1397 pump has a compact design which allows for easy operation, high accuracy and fast response in microfluidic applications. WELCH 1397 pump is equipped with an adjustable flow rate up to 2400 mL/min and can switch between multiple discrete-delivery modes. It also has a 100-250 micron liquid handling range which allows for fast and accurate transfer of small volumes of fluids. In addition, the pump has a stepper motor ensuring smooth, quiet and repeatable performance. The pump is connected to a variety of fluid delivery tubes and connectors to ensure an airtight and leak-free transfer of liquids. 1397 pump has several safety features including that it is designed with a UL, EN and CSA marks of safety-compliance. It also has built-in overpressure protection to prevent damaging the tubing or pump body, and an end-of-cycle shutoff switch which ensures the safety of the pump by preventing it from running continuously. The pump also features a digital control display, allowing users to accurately monitor settings, monitor and stop flow rate, start/stop operations and program multiple operational modes. Additionally, its LCD display provides easy-to-interpret information regarding usage and maintenance settings. Moreover, WELCH 1397 pump is highly customizable with six different tube holders and a variety of interchangeable tubes for different liquids or suspensions. 1397 is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal choice for laboratory and industrial process systems. Its low pressure profile makes it suitable for applications with low start-up and intermittent flow needs. The pump is also highly accurate with a high accuracy rate of +/- 3% cv and an adjustable flow range of 0.01 to 2400mL/min. Thus it provides reliable and repeatable performance in almost all applications.
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